Ramps & Rye

Ramps & Rye with a soft coddled farm egg

Strawberry with Anchovie Ceviche

Strawberry with Anchovie Ceviche, fresh goat cheese, arugula & blood orange powder. Whitespace Gallery

Cold-Smoked Sea Trout

Cold-Smoked Sea Trout with verbena infusion, cured farm yolk, osetra, creme fraiche & corn

Snacks and Cocktails!

Snacks and Cocktails! Tomato consomme with Ga. sweet prawn, lemongrass, caper, green apple & shiso. Marcia Wood Gallery

Smoked Potato Gnocchi

Smoked Potato Gnocchi with Burgundy truffles, nasturtium brown butter, tomato confit & purple potato origami

Excitment Illumes

Excitment Illumes between courses as Sommelier, Adam Fox pours the next pairing- Marcia Wood Gallery

Whitespace Gallery

Whitespace Gallery - a collaboration with Artist, Matt Haffner

Kai Lin Art Gallery

Kai Lin Art Gallery with Artist, Greg Noblin

Snacks - Pork Belly & Apple Chips

Snacks - Pork Belly & Apple Chips with cressida cress and pickled daikon- Gallery L1

Lamb In It's Tracks

Lamb In It's Tracks - Virginia lamb loin with Morrocan spices, smoked mushrooms and tasty plum paste- lamb sauce served tableside

Kitchen Crew

Kitchen Crew, focused on the hot-smoked trout plate- Kai Lin Art Gallery

Lunar Chocolate

Lunar Chocolate (crunchy candy exterior with molten chocolate custard within), winter citrus fruits (blood orange-gelled kumquats, milk cumble, popped amaranth, Natillas (spanish custard sauce) and sage- Kai Lin Art Gallery

Snacks- Whitespace Gallery

Snacks- Whitespace Gallery

Blood Orange Sauce

Chef, making the rounds with Blood Orange Sauce. Gallery L1

Rhubarb Granita

Rhubarb Granita, strawberry chips, lovage, violet sugar and honey

Marcia Wood

One of many chef appearances amongst the beautiful work of Artist, Lucinda Bunnen. Marcia Wood Gallery

Potato & Truffle Slider

Potato & Truffle Slider with marscapone, nasturtium and tomato powder

Maine Scallop In It's Shell

Maine Scallop In It's Shell - butternut squash, dashi pearls, kumquat confit and pea shoots

Rosemary-Infused Wild Boar

Rosemary-Infused Wild Boar with anthocyanins (sauces of hibiscus, red pepper, red cabbage, grape) balsamic salt & tender mandioca- boar sauce served tableside

Carrot Leathers

Carrot Leathers with ginger cream, yuzu, radish sprouts & leek ash

Basque White Wine

An aerating splash of the coveted Basque White Wine, Txakolina. Traditional Basque Course, Gallery L1

Dessert Service

Dessert Service - Natillas tableside- Kai Lin Art Gallery

Berry Leathers

Berry Leathers - with local chèvre and pistachio

Harissa 'Shrimp & Gritlet'

Harissa 'Shrimp & Gritlet' - with smoked hen-of-the-wood, local chèvre, cured farm yolk and coriander

Ga. Trout via the Tangier Shuffle

Ga. Trout via the Tangier Shuffle - with preserved lemon and lime, 4 fresh pepper sauces with Moroccan spices, red cabbage sauce with violet and squid ink sauce. Couscous with roasted eggplant and chermoula, nori, fried kale & cabbage.

Smoked Ricotta Tortellini

Smoked Ricotta Tortellini - with onion ash & balsamic butter, tomato confit, pickled pumpkin, purple pole beans, garden herbs and roasted pepper coulis.

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